York Powell yorkus at comcast.net
Mon Aug 6 19:17:47 PDT 2007

I've only had my 2" risers installed for about a week now and really  
like the results. I used to "hold" the bars with my finger tips  
(putting my riding position about the same as these risers) and think  
"this would be so much nicer". Well it is just what the doctor order,  
because there is less pressure on my wrists I have experienced less  
numbness in my hands. I have a taller windshield and haven't seen a  
downside in the wind blast. I'm  5'10 and before the risers the the  
wind hit me just above the top of the visor, now it is about in the  
middle of the visor. Good design Dave.

1995 GPZ

On Aug 6, 2007, at 8:11 AM, David Beard wrote:

> I put my 2" risers on last week and have ridden with them a couple  
> times now. I was a little worried that I would not like them as  
> I've always been fairly happy with the Genmars, but I was  
> pleasantly surprised. They take a lot of weight off my wrists. I do  
> catch more wind in the chest than before, but at highway speeds,  
> this actually helps alleviate even more of the weight on my arms.  
> The change in riding position from the Genmars is not as dramatic  
> as I expected. Cornering feels slightly different, but not bad at  
> all. For long trips, I can see where these will make the ride more  
> comfortable. I give them a definite thumbs up.
> Dave B
> Jay Loeppke wrote:
>> Just got a look at them tonight, looks great, be interesting to  
>> try them and compare the ridding positions

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