tank venting, sooprise!!

Larry Zoia phezanthawk at wowway.com
Wed Aug 8 05:32:09 PDT 2007

> Larry,
> More than likely the carb bowl vent tube ends are in a spot where air is
> rushing by and not allow in the bowls to vent properly.  Atmospheric air
> pressure must be able to equalize with the space above the fuel level in
> the bowls or fuel will not flow.
> Moving your knees created a different air flow pattern around the bike.
> Move the tube ends to a place that is not subject to air movement.
> Problem should go away.

Yeah, Art, I remember your ealier post.  I had a hard time wrapping my mind 
around that idea as I didn't know
exactly how they worked.  I figured that the siphoning effect might actually 
help venting, but if the idea is to equalize pressure, that makes more sense 
than the turbulence overcoming the intake at the carb throats.

Is there any problem with shortening the tubes? 

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