Geeper replaced: with Black GPZ 1100 ABS 97

scapco at scapco at
Wed Aug 8 11:49:36 PDT 2007


Congratulations on the new steed for the stable.  Sounds 
like a decent deal and not much to have to get familiar 
with.  You have to watch out for those guys in the 50's 
though, LOL!

Charles S. - 51 two weeks ago

>Today I bought a Black GPZ 1100 ABS 97 to replace my 
>wreck. For the money I spent it's by far the best bike I 
>could get.
>It's got 48'000 km on the clock and was driven by two 
>gentlemen aged 50. Not together! One after the other.
>Replacing all the smashed parts would have cost me at 
>least as much.....  = CHF 4'100.- = about 3'400$US.
>Drove home in a rain storm with the Geeper on the trailer.
>More later!
>George, 1 GPZ + 1 GPZ-wreck, all black ABS
>Switzerland - under water today

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