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Mark Reckinger marque at
Thu Aug 9 19:57:37 PDT 2007

Holy Smokey's! Jack Booted Thugs lurking around every corner on one of
my favorite roads! Thanks for the heads up, I've started my email
campaign to the authorities listed on that site. If you have time, maybe
you all could do the same. Oh well, many other good routes in that area
to check out, I could stand to run the Cherohala again. This is my 4th
trip there, getting tired of dodging the freaking out of control Harleys
on the Dragon anyway. Word got out, in that community, that they can buy
T-SHIRTS and STICKERS there! They've swarmed it like flies, pretty much
ruined that experience as a result.

Take care,
Mark R

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Marc, before you head to the gap read the write up on 
Very very heavy police present to the point of accusations of
Read what is ritten and decide for yourself.  If you have never ridden
Cherohala Skyway, make sure you get there.

Have fun!


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