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Thu Aug 9 23:02:48 PDT 2007

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> The zx11D arm is about 5 pounds lighter than the GPZ arm in the same
> configuration (no axle, no bearings, have chain adjusters), on my
> digital fish scale.

I didn't realize how much things have changed.
I haven't been fishing for many years, but in the past I am sure
we only caught analog fish.

SoCal Bill

By the way--- last week I rode the Can-Am Spyder (that 3 wheeler).

It's fun to ride in a straight line, but in turning it feels very
tippy. It does not lean at all. If you had quad or ATC time
(which I don't) it maybe  would feel more normal. 
I asked the rep if it would tip or slide first. He said "Neither".
It apparently has traction control and senses either and electronically
handles the problem. I bet it would be a good long-distance ride.
And it does have heaps of unique factor. No one else around would
have one, and they DO turn heads. $15K will get you one. They start
deliveries in September.

I also rode a DRZ400SM which is the Suzuki Supermoto.
I am in the market for a dual sport again. My kick-all-day DR350S
was sold in disgust a few years ago but I miss off roading. To me, the
DRZ was much more fun than the Spyder. I may just get the regular
dual sport DRZ400S or a DR650S. I want that push button starter!

Since I am reporting everything I have done recently, while I was at the 
motorcycle store I bought a new helmet. The last four have been Shoei
but I tried on a Suomy and wore it while I rode the DRZ. It fit just about 
like the Shoei, but was quite a bit lighter (probably all of the newer
helmets are lighter than my old one). Quietness seemed about the same.

Having a son working at the motorcycle store has some advantages!
But after looking at all the street bikes there, there is nothing so
tempting as to make me want to part with the GPZ. It runs great
(after I got all the junk out of the carbs) and still does all I want.

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