NGPZ: Idle oddities on range bikes

scapco at scapco at
Fri Aug 10 14:30:11 PDT 2007


While you could have some partially plugged pilot jets, it 
sounds like they might have vacuum leaks somwhere.  Either 
the intake manifold the carb fits into could be loose and 
it's sucking air or the carb is leaking air somewhere else.

I'd start by spraying WD-40 around the intake manifolds 
while the bikes are runing and see if the idle increases, 
if so it's an intake leak.  Otherwise, check the cap on the 
top of the carb to see if air's getting in and affecting 
the CV bladders and anywhere else there could be a leak.

Charles S.

>I do some (under)paid mechanic work for a local MSF 
>school, and I have two bikes acting a little strange. 

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