Valve Adjust Question

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Yes, pieces of RTV in an engine can plug up oil passages real well and you
know what that can do. 

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Avoid using RTV on the valve cover gasket. Mine was leaking and I used RTV
to seal it until I got a new gasket. It was a real mess to clean off the
cylinder head and valve cover when it came time to install the new gasket. 
Trying to keep the little pieces from getting in the motor was a real PIA
too. Mine didn't start leaking until the lip that goes over the cylinder
head began to crack. It was fine until then.

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> So, I'm in the middle of a valve adjust. Got the valve cover off and am
> about to dig in. One thing, for re-assembly., what's the deal with
> adding a sealer (RTV?) to the valve cover gasket? Do I apply to the top
> and bottom surfaces? All the way around or just the corners? Any
> particular brand? Any help greatly appreciated. Please email me direct.
> Thanks!
> MR 

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