Sunday Ride & Why we wear helmets

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Mon Aug 13 11:36:14 PDT 2007

I was going to go dirt biking this weekend, but due to a 
rather nasty case of food poisoning I got Friday (Thank you 
McDonalds for the case of McSh*ts) I spent most of Friday 
night and part of Saturday in the McBathroom instead.

Sunday I was still a bit queasy so I decided to take the 
Geeper for a mountian ride.  I have finally got the knife 
out of my neck from the combination of my early season long 
ride and the Fandango and it felt good to get out again.  I 
slabbed it up scenic I-70, and through the Eisenhower 
tunnel to Vail where I stopped for gas.  Just outside of 
Vail I turned south and took US24 towards Leadville riding 
past my favorite camp spot at Homestake and past Camp Hale, 
where the remaining survivors from the 10th Mountain 
Division held their last convention the previous weekend.  
I took a loop through Leadville and stopped at a Subway 
where I had a nice conversation with 4 retired couples on 
bikes from Las Cruces NM.

After lunch, I rode over Freemont Pass and past the giant 
Climax molybendum mine which is slowly awaking from a 20 
year sleep and going back into production soon.  I rode 
past Copper Mountain ski area and into Silverthorne where I 
turned south again and went past Keystone and A-Basin ski 
areas and over Loveland Pass and down to Georgetown where I 
hit the inevitable Sunday rush back to Denver from the 
mountains.  I got in 274 miles and had nice weather the 
whole ride.

On a more serious note, a lady from California was killed 
and her husband seriously injured last Friday right by my 
office.  They were on a Harley and turned left in front of 
a car.  One of the guys I work with was right behind them 
and tried to perform CPR, but she was dead from massive 
head injuries.  He told me they were both wearing boots and 
jackets, but no helmets.  I will never understand not 
wearing helmets, it just makes no sense.

Charles S.- Who is now eating another McDonalds salad.  ;-)

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