Sunday Ride & Why we wear helmets

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Mon Aug 13 12:11:30 PDT 2007

 >>They were on a Harley and turned left in front of a car.

That's unusual (the turning left part).  Normally happens the other way 
Art in DM

scapco at wrote:
> I was going to go dirt biking this weekend, but due to a 
> rather nasty case of food poisoning I got Friday (Thank you 
> McDonalds for the case of McSh*ts) I spent most of Friday 
> night and part of Saturday in the McBathroom instead.
> Sunday I was still a bit queasy so I decided to take the 
> Geeper for a mountian ride.  I have finally got the knife 
> out of my neck from the combination of my early season long 
> ride and the Fandango and it felt good to get out again.  I 
> slabbed it up scenic I-70, and through the Eisenhower 
> tunnel to Vail where I stopped for gas.  Just outside of 
> Vail I turned south and took US24 towards Leadville riding 
> past my favorite camp spot at Homestake and past Camp Hale, 
> where the remaining survivors from the 10th Mountain 
> Division held their last convention the previous weekend.  
> I took a loop through Leadville and stopped at a Subway 
> where I had a nice conversation with 4 retired couples on 
> bikes from Las Cruces NM.
> After lunch, I rode over Freemont Pass and past the giant 
> Climax molybendum mine which is slowly awaking from a 20 
> year sleep and going back into production soon.  I rode 
> past Copper Mountain ski area and into Silverthorne where I 
> turned south again and went past Keystone and A-Basin ski 
> areas and over Loveland Pass and down to Georgetown where I 
> hit the inevitable Sunday rush back to Denver from the 
> mountains.  I got in 274 miles and had nice weather the 
> whole ride.
> On a more serious note, a lady from California was killed 
> and her husband seriously injured last Friday right by my 
> office.  They were on a Harley and turned left in front of 
> a car.  One of the guys I work with was right behind them 
> and tried to perform CPR, but she was dead from massive 
> head injuries.  He told me they were both wearing boots and 
> jackets, but no helmets.  I will never understand not 
> wearing helmets, it just makes no sense.
> Charles S.- Who is now eating another McDonalds salad.  ;-)

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