Sunday Ride & Why we wear helmets

scapco at scapco at
Mon Aug 13 12:21:32 PDT 2007

Yes, it is unusual.  I take this corner everyday going to 
work.  The oncoming traffic comes over a rise and down a 
hill whereas the other lanes of traffic are either going 
straight or turning left onto the street in front of my 
office.  Problem is a short sight line and the oncoming 
traffic is doing about 55mph.  I'm sure he thought he could 
make it and didn't.

I've been driving my daughters old and very tired Taurus 
(166K and counting) the last couple of weeks and it is so 
slow accellerating I won't take the chance.

Charles S.

>>>They were on a Harley and turned left in front of a car.
>That's unusual (the turning left part).  Normally happens 
>the other way around.
> Art in DM

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