Petcock Failure

Simon White swhite at
Tue Aug 14 16:22:32 PDT 2007

Just to chime in here (and yes, I'm still lurking, even if I don't contribute as I used to) - I still have the original petcock and seals on mine, and have never had an issue with it. There may have been a dodgy batch of o-rings go through, but mine is one of the older/more travelled ones on the list, and has no problems at all.

FYI - I've done ~125k km, and my bikes' build date is Dec 1994.

'95 GPz1100 - Blue, and quick enough..
Melbourne, Australia
All cars are slow..

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> I thought the whole idea of the vacuum type was to prevent flooding when the
> float needles get old and can't hold back the fuel pressure when not
> running.  I've had older bikes that if I didn't remember to turn off the
> fuel they would flood.  Just a thought.
> John

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