My GPZ didn't sell, so this is what I need...

John Soliday johnsoliday at
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Good decision, I couldn't afford that much for my drag bike project and your
bike was in too good condition to go down that road yet.  Couple of
questions for you though as I am fixing my minor right side tip-over damage.
Some of these I could figure out but I'm lazy and you or listers might know
the answer right now, while I'm in my robe and drinking coffee ;-)

1.  Does Dennis Kirk sell a replica of the GPZ turn signal that looks
correct ?
2.  Right side cansister ?  I thought the exhaust was one piece on the GPZ.
3.  On your crankcase cover I saw the damage.  My old ZX10 crashed once on
the highway going to work and slide on the right side (long story, lucky my
head wasn't run over) and I just filed and sanded down the damaged area and
painted it with enamel black paint.  If you looked hard you could see it,
but most people didn't notice and at least on the ZX it was partially hidden
by the fairing.  Cheap way to go and works fine.
4.  I would appreciate color-rite codes or a paint that matches red as I got
the fairing from Bob Sims and need to touch up a few minor areas (thanks Bob
it's great).


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Well, Black Gypsy went on the auction block on Fleabay and the local paper.
Got nothing but lookie-loo's and low offers. $1,800 for my baby? No fr*&^ing
So I will keep her and fix her back to pre-flopover condidtion. Here is the
shopping list for my resto.
RF Turnsignal. I will probably have to call Dennis Kirk.
Right side exhaust cannister, stock. (I know quite a few of you guys have
these in your rafters, sell it cheap) Fairing upper and lowers, L & R, NOS
(Ha,Ha) R Crankcase cover - Fat chance, I know.
Actually, I think I might bondo and paint the plastic myself. Good winter
project for me. Although I have done this years ago, I am rusty and any
suggestions about technique will be welcome. Color suggestions accepted, as
long as they are black. (Although I did entertain going silver, but never
orange, or red)  Didn't sombody say they knew the right Color-Rite code #
for our bikes?
So I am still in the fold, and on the mend.

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