My GPZ didn't sell, so this is what I need...

Chuck Driscoll cdriscol2001 at
Fri Aug 17 18:55:18 PDT 2007

Well, Black Gypsy went on the auction block on Fleabay and the local paper. Got nothing but lookie-loo's and low offers. $1,800 for my baby? No fr*&^ing way!
So I will keep her and fix her back to pre-flopover condidtion. Here is the shopping list for my resto.
RF Turnsignal. I will probably have to call Dennis Kirk.
Right side exhaust cannister, stock. (I know quite a few of you guys have these in your rafters, sell it cheap)
Fairing upper and lowers, L & R, NOS (Ha,Ha)
R Crankcase cover - Fat chance, I know.
Actually, I think I might bondo and paint the plastic myself. Good winter project for me. Although I have done this years ago, I am rusty and any suggestions about technique will be welcome. Color suggestions accepted, as long as they are black. (Although I did entertain going silver, but never orange, or red)
 Didn't sombody say they knew the right Color-Rite code # for our bikes?
So I am still in the fold, and on the mend.

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