My bike is sold

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Fri Aug 17 17:35:05 PDT 2007

I see dan's bike is up for sale on KIJIJI what are you going to ride?

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> My bike just set off for Lethbridge, Alberta with it's new owner
Lurker/lister Charles Logie.
> He flew in this afternoon at 2 pm. I picked him up at the airport. He took
a test ride and couldn't believe I was selling her. We drove to the DMV and
got him a temporary permit. Came back to my garage and drained the oil to
refill with fresh Rotella. By 6 PM he was setting out in a light rain for
his 3000 mile x-Canada destination.
> Charles told me he pays 176$/year for insurance out there (so Paul from
Calgary , you may want to find out where to get this deal.)
> I'm happy with the new owner, it couldn't have gone to a better home as
Charles is an aviation mechanic and seems to know his way around the
> So now I have to deal with all my left over parts:
> I have a set of LSL c/w ss lines and grip heaters, a headlight, petcock
o-ring kit,rear wheel, new 47t sprocket,lower and upper
fairings(rashed),rear calipers,front calipers, full tank bra(NIB),amongst
other stuff. I still have to look through it all and will price/list it here
first before going to Fleabay.
> Email me if anything catches your eye.
> Mike
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