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1KPerDay 1kperday at
Mon Aug 20 08:17:40 PDT 2007

I've heard of some who removed the timing cover at the left of the
engine and were lucky enough to find the dropped shim in there...
dunno if it's possible on the GPz or not. Couldn't hurt to take it off
and check...

As for this: "I believe there is very little chance of the shim being
a problem."

I'm afraid I don't share your belief. ;)

If you do decide to run the bike, I'd personally run it for a short
time and then remove the oil pan (the whole oil pan) and hope you find
the shim somewhere in there. Again, you could get lucky.

On 8/20/07, Robert Nelson <majordad at> wrote:
> I don't believe that there is any other way to open up that area other than
> pulling the head which seems awfully drastic.  I have turned the crankshaft
> and never heard any more sounds so I believe there is very little chance of
> the shim being a problem.  But I figured it would not hurt to ask if anyone
> else has had this problem and had any issues.  Any thoughts, besides calling
> me an idiot, are appreciated.  Thanks!
Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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