NGPZC: Whadda maroon!

Steven Bixby steven at
Tue Aug 21 10:24:14 PDT 2007

That, and later on in the thread they get into an us-versus-them shouting
match mess.

One quote from the thread that made me laugh, even if it did light off the
"HD mentality" comment of mine:

*We got guys on here that have ridden their 850lb street bikes into places
you be scared to take your GS since you might scratch some of that
reflective chit off of your astronaut suit. I sure am glad my bike doesn't
make me look like a scuba diver butt-humping a roto-tiller when I'm cruising
down the road.*

> That's not what he was referring too. He meant that they all believed this
> guys tall tale. That's why he called him a 'Troll' It's an internet term
> meaning  the poster was trolling for responces to some crazy post he made,
> and he got them too. Mostly all of them on that board fell for it, even
> though it was pretty obvious by the frist couple of his posts that it was
> just a joke. If you notice his title was 'Banned Troll' So they figured it
> out finally that he was full of crap.

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