NGPZC: Whadda maroon!

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Tue Aug 21 11:50:41 PDT 2007

<<I guess they (HD riders) would rather look like a chick with a beard from 
a cheap bondage club or carnival, while riding an over done retro machine 
that corners like a Terex off road hauler with loose lug nuts. Oh HD riders 
are so-o cool !
Oh yea, I wanna pay 20k for my American assembled bike! (with many Chinese 
 Hey guys, let's smoke pot, do some meth and watch "Easy Rider" again! That 
movie was so deep, ya know.>>>

This iwas the best post I've seen here in a long time! LOL!

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author of "Help! they're all out to get me!
The motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world."
ISBN# 1-4137-6187-9 

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