Indiana Jonesing

Dave King oldfr8dog at
Wed Aug 22 07:16:28 PDT 2007

I wouldn't mind providing the token color to round out the group.  After all, diversity makes for a richer culture, right?  As for ideas of places to ride, the twisties of E. Tenn. aren't too bad.  Tenn Hwy 421 (Bristol-Shady Valley- Mountain City-Boone,NC) is my "home track" and the Tail of the Dragon is just a couple hours ride away.  Y'all come see us, y'hear?  Dave.  
   <darkclarity2k at> wrote:
Yes, you need to join us next year, for sure. A token black,
would make us a little more, -politically correct!
The 3 Daves ! How cool. Now, If we could get
Dave from Des Moines to join us too....
I think we should also look into S.Ohio, N.Kentucky, west Tenn.
Any ideas?

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