No GPz - The Fastest (and Scariest) Way via the 10 at Rush Hour

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Personally, I wouldn't trust people in cars enought to risk it. I have no idea what they are thinking or doing...are they on the cell phone...are they angry about something....will I tick them off...etc. One wrong move on their part and I'm a peanut butter and Dave sandwich. Not for me. I guess I'm just glad I don't live in Los Angelos...that reason among many others. ;-)

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Hey guys,

Lane splitting is necessary in Los Angeles, period.? There actually is an "art" to doing it "safely".

#1? Don't go too fast
#2? Don't go forward if the spaces between cars immediately ahead on both sides becomes large???? enough to entice them to change lanes.
#3? Cover both brakes
#4? Watch their heads and mirrors.? If they're seeing you, chances are you'll get a courtesy widening a bit to allow you to pass with ample space.? If they don't see you, go anyway, but use descretion and wisdom, i.e. if the space is getting narrower and narrowwer, don't go until its wide enough then go through quickly.

Its not so bad really.? Just don't daydream, stay focused.
Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA 104 degrees today, too hot to ride...

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I lived in the San Fran bay area for about 6 years and actually like lane
splitting if done reasonably. I would actually like to try and make it
legal in CO, but I'm not sure I could get a state rep. to sponser it as
there seems to be no real "biker" presense here with voting clout.


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