Various gpz parts for sale

Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Fri Aug 31 22:23:21 PDT 2007

* all shipping prices are to lower 48 states.  If you're a long time list member, I will consider shipping to an APO or HI/PR, but rates below don't apply, please email with exact zip.  Otherwise I'd like to keep it to the lower 48 states.  

1) Service manual, $18 shipped

2) 2 K&N oil filters, They were $8/piece, o-rings are included.  $20 shipped

3) I got my old koni rear shock, make an offer.  Figure $10-15 for shipping depending where it's going.

4) 2 ignition coils.  with the boots and caps still attached. For cyl's, 1,4 and 2,3.  make an offer, figure ~$10-12 for shipping?

5) 2 sets of front brake pads for the 96-06 concours calipers.  $70 shipped.

There's a few other small items that I may be selling.  I have the motion pro chain tool press tool.  Doubtful I'll have a need for it in the future (yay, no more god damn chain to ever lube again!@#)

I also have the motion pro carb pilot jet adjustment tool (for adjusting those little screws on the bottom of the carbs).

I used to have ( a month ago), 4 brand new cr9ek plugs, but alas those are in a better (or worse) place now with the bike.

23' of 3/8" (I think), fuel line.. Bought it in bulk from denniscrook last time I replaced the line on the gpz.

A set of 695 progrip grips.

I think thats about it.

If anyone has interest in any of this, please contact me off the list and we can work out the details.  If you think my prices are too low, you're welcome to pay more so i can help offset the new purchase.  If they're too high, advise what you consider is reasonable.

Those that have transacted with in the past know I'm very thorough and quick about shipping stuff out.  Payment wise, I accept paypal, but not credit cards through paypal.  I've been on the list for over a decade, never had any issues with any of my transactions. 

PS.  275 miles on the bike now.  First oil change done too, nothing but fine particles.  MPG sucks at 31.9 m/g (US gal) for the first real fill up.  Took 4.2 gallons with no bars remaining on the lcd display.  Assuming the dealership provided a full tank at delivery, ~30 m/g with their fuel.  If this trend continues, I expect 34 m/g next fill up.  I already got the rear tire to with ~1 or 1.5" of the edge.  To pass some time this afternoon I decided to do several on/off clover leave expressway ramps.

I should have some time tomorrow to take pics.  Will post those soon.

Best regards,
 Julian                            mailto:jsolo at

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