Heated grips resistance question

Steven Bixby steven at bixbys.net
Mon Dec 3 12:46:04 PST 2007

Ok, this is a "second opinion" posting.  I am putting Symtec style
heated grips on my wife's new Bandit.   The grip pads have two
circuits on them, one for high heat, one for low heat, with a common

But, we use HeatTrollers for better control instead of the double-pole
switch arrangements - therefore only one circuit.

Seems like I could just drive the grip pads in series - ie, the
controller goes to the "positive" wires on the pad, and the pad's
ground wire is left disconnected.  In my mind, that's more resistance
and therefore more heat.

I posted this question to Maximum Suzuki and a responder said "more
resistance, less heat".

This doesn't make sense to me, whaddy'all think?  I'm obviously no
electronics expert or this would be trivially obvious.

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