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Tue Dec 4 15:38:16 PST 2007

  I think the warm n safe only have a carbon heater pad on the rear and 
though they may be  more comfortable I'm thinking not as much heat to the 
fingers, though I may be getting confused with the new Tourmasters?? They 
are both new so I wanted to see some long term reviews before  I considered 
them. A lot of time you see reviews just after people buy stuff but that 
doesn't mean as much.


> I recently tried on some Warm'n'Safe ones with carbon knuckle
> protectors... they seemed very comfortable and no more bulky than
> medium-weight winter gloves. If my Gerbings ever wear out I'll try
> those, I think.
> On 12/3/07, schnowz <schnowz at> wrote:
>> I was expecting the Gerbing gloves  to have a more dextrous? feel than 
>> the
>> Widders because the Widders are bulky, but it was not the case, in fact I
>> would say it's the reverse as the gerbing glove liner seems to move 
>> around
>> as you twist the throttle.
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