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Tue Dec 4 10:57:16 PST 2007

Yes, if you have the original style Gerbings gloves (not the new G3
which are thinner but some say not as warm) they are quite bulky.
They're also sized VERY large... I usually wear XL gloves but the
Gerbings L are large enough and then some. Widders are generally
acknowledged to be slimmer. The gerbings are also a pain if you get
your hands wet and try to put them on or remove them... the liner can
come out a bit and get bunched. They are waterproof, though.

As far as warmth goes I don't know if anything's better than the
original gerbings, but they are not the most comfortable when riding.
After 6-7 hours of riding my fingers start to get sore from having to
hold the grips tighter through all the padding. They're warm, though.
:D I really like them.

I recently tried on some Warm'n'Safe ones with carbon knuckle
protectors... they seemed very comfortable and no more bulky than
medium-weight winter gloves. If my Gerbings ever wear out I'll try
those, I think.

On 12/3/07, schnowz <schnowz at> wrote:
> I was expecting the Gerbing gloves  to have a more dextrous? feel than the
> Widders because the Widders are bulky, but it was not the case, in fact I
> would say it's the reverse as the gerbing glove liner seems to move around
> as you twist the throttle.
Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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