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I think I have it figured out Jeff.
Saturday it was in the low 20's coming home and I had the Widder vest (not 
turned on) as a insulation layer under the Gerbing jacket. This allowed me 
to crank the Heatroller full tilt and I was pretty comfortable on my upper 
body and hands. Maybe a not quite warm on the thumbs but the fingers on the 
Gerbings are warmer than the Widders.
I was expecting the Gerbing gloves  to have a more dextrous? feel than the
Widders because the Widders are bulky, but it was not the case, in fact I
would say it's the reverse as the gerbing glove liner seems to move around
as you twist the throttle. You can also feel the wires in the gerbings and
can't on the Widders maybe the Widders don't have wires into the
fingers??and maybe that's why the fingers are'nt as warm.
 Yeh my feet were freezing on the way back because I hadn't made up the
adapter I need to run the "hot shots" heated footpads with the Gerbings..
My Widders served me well for about 9 years but the glove liners were 
wearing out and weren't warm enough below freezing anymore and it was PIA to 
get the "triple digit rain covers" over them.

Pete Staniforth

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> Sorry if I'm too late on this reply... I have the 'old style' Gerbings
> liner and original gloves, where one lead into the jacket also powers
> the gloves when they're connected to the plugs at the end of the
> sleeves. I was unaware that they'd 'updated' the liner with separate
> internal wiring for the gloves until someone posted on the zZR list
> that his gloves weren't working when the jacket was plugged in... he
> eventually had to buy the dual heattroller to get his gloves and liner
> to both work. I can see why they did it but I'd also be pissed if they
> didn't mention it. The heattrollers aren't cheap.
> You may look at a local source that sells Gerbings stuff... I've found
> some leads/convertors at a local BMW bike shop. In any case, I have
> personally found no condition where my hands were too hot compared to
> my jacket when both were plugged into the same lead. My body always
> gets too warm before my hands do.
> So you MAY want to get dual thermostats. But I wouldn't consider it a 
> necessity.
> I love my Gerbings stuff; it transformed my riding experiences in
> fall/winter/spring. I used to run a simple on-off switch, or simply
> unplug when I got too warm, and wondered why anyone would want a
> heattroller.... then I bought a bike with heattrollers for the
> gerbings lead as well as for the heated grips. They RULE.
> On 11/29/07, schnowz <schnowz at> wrote:
>>  Anyway the thing I want to know from all you Gerberites is :
>> Are 2 controllers really necessary or can you balance the heat with one
>> controller by layering. I am talking about the classic gloves (not the 
>> the
>> G3's which I believe don't get as hot). I'm looking for info from guys 
>> that
>> are NOT running heated grips.
> -- 
> Utah Jeff
> '96 SheePz1100

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