NYC mc show

William K Denton wkdenton at
Sat Dec 29 22:30:36 PST 2007

Finally got to meet the esteemed author, Ralph Angelo Jr., at the NYC mc 
show yesterday.  Had a nice chat.  Hope to see him on the road soon for a 

The show was good, less chopper stuff and perhaps overall slightly smaller 
than 2006, but very crowded for a Friday, as it was the Tweener Friday 
(between Christmas and New Years) instead of in January as in years past. 
Here are some of my thought FWTW...

Top three bikes (for me) at the show:

1)    MotoGuzzi Norge - probably the eventual replacement for the GPz1100, 
as I love 90º V-twins and have always wanted a goose

2)    Buell 1125R - Wow, what a bike.  If I was ever going to buy a Buell, 
this one would be it.  Liquid cooled v-twin Rotax mill w/ four pipes (one 
per valve), awesome styling and a very clean design.  Very nice.

3)    BMW F800ST - Very clean, tight, balanced design, handsome and looks to 
be very functional and fun.  Narrow, counterbalanced 360º upright twin 
should make all the right noises and is perhaps my favorite BMW right now.

Sport Tourer Comparo - Concours vs FJR1300 - My money is on the FJR1300.  It 
looks nicer in so many ways, and being a six year model now, Yammy has 
refined most, if not all, of the bugs out of it.  Just about the perfect IL4 
ST.  The new Connie looks fat and not as well proportioned, and if it's even 
80% as powerful as the ZX14, I know I wouldn't like to ride it.

Best Value - Hyosung GT250R $3,699 - A fully faired 1/4 liter class 
sportbike with DOHC eight valve technology, adjustable rearsets, adjustable 
hand controls, digital display, upside down forks, and more all for <$3,700. 
The 250cc v-twin is an awesome machine, my '90 VTR250 was the smoothest 
running engine I've ever owned and some of the most fun I've ever had while 
getting 65mpg.  And don't scoff at Hyosung... the Koreans have been making 
mc's for over 30 years.  Hyosung also makes the engines for the Suzuki 
SV650, which is why their GT650S looks like a clone.  If you've never been 
on a 250cc

Best odd-ball - Ural "Gear-Up" model two-wheel drive sidecar rig - What can 
I say... I love the Ural w/ side car.  BMW flat twin clone, four speeds 
forward plus reverse, two wheel drive rear, searchlight mounted on sidecar 
for passenger fun and spotting deer.  Talk about a 12 month mc, this is it. 
I have to find room in my garage for one of these.  Anyone want to buy three 

Top disappointment(s)

1)    No concept bikes, especially the Yamaha XS V1, Yamaha's XS/XV style 
reincarnation that appeared at the Tokyo show.  I really wanted to see that 
one in the flesh after reading about it and seeing photos on the net.  Oh 

2)    No V-Max.  No sneak peak... nothing, not even a peep about it at the 
show.  Even the guys at Star Motorcycles were bummed.

3)    Triumph - Once again, a no-show at the show

Interesting bikes I would never buy

1)    HD StreetRod - Humanely placed foot controls, but I still hate the 
whole jukebox radiator thing, and the price?  Pulleeease...

2)    MV Agusta Brutale - It looks scarier to ride than the ZX14, and I know 
firsthand that the ZX14 is very scary.

3)    Victory Vision - Still looks like a cartoon to me.  Better looking w/o 
the tail trunk, but still too George Jetson

Uninteresting bikes I would never buy - Every Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda 
cruiser.  They've all gotten bulbous and remind me of late 50's Buicks

Best regards,
Bill in Yardley, PA
wkdenton at 

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