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Paul Landry p_landry at
Sun Dec 30 14:09:05 PST 2007

Hi Bill..

I was to the Seattle show Dec. 1st with a few friends and enjoyed the

As you said, I found much the same thing and had similar impressions when I

The Ducati display was a sharp setup, but was just a zoo, one entrance /
exit in a confined space, not my idea of fun.

The Norge I had seen before at the local dealership.  Definitely a contender
on my list too.  Used to have the Honda CX650 V-twin and liked its
character.  The Buell 1125R was a trick looking unit.  That cutaway display
was really cool to look over and see all the internal workings, etc. I have
been really interested in the BWM F800's too.  Only real draw back on them
for me is the saddle bags.  Minor I know.
Like you, I missed the Triumph's as the Tiger and ST interest me, and the
others are always entertaining to see.

Reading Cycle Canada and found out we have 2 new Honda models coming to
Canada, from the German market place.  Apparently we have similar
demographics!.  The
CBF1000 looks like a direct replacement for a GPZ.  Solid proven mill, in a
realistic frame and riding geometry for the "real world"..  No idea on
pricing yet, will have to go the Vancouver show, the end of Jan. to see
these two new entrants..  

Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

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Subject: NYC mc show

Here are some of my thought FWTW...

Top three bikes (for me) at the show:

1)    MotoGuzzi Norge - probably the eventual replacement for the GPz1100, 

2)    Buell 1125R - Wow, what a bike.  

3)    BMW F800ST - Very clean, tight, balanced design, handsome 

Top disappointment(s)

1)    No concept bikes, 

2)    No V-Max.  No sneak peak... 

3)    Triumph - Once again, a no-show at the show

Interesting bikes I would never buy

3)    Victory Vision - Still looks like a cartoon to me.  Better looking w/o

the tail trunk, but still too George Jetson

Best regards,
Bill in Yardley, PA
wkdenton at 

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