Chain tensioner redux and Widder eleectrics

schnowz schnowz at
Sat Feb 3 14:46:37 PST 2007

Thing's are purty quiet around here..
  I took the timing chain tensioner out last weekend and i couldn't advance 
it by hand. it was pretty much stuck so I thought i'd located the noise 
problem. I advanced it one tooth with the help of a screwriver and put it 
back. The noise was still there. So upon listening more intently I found it 
seems to be coming from the starter area. It only seems to do it when it's 
about to stall at startup in cold weather. Being as I now figured it wasn't 
the timing chain I took the adjuster out again and worked it loose with some 
WD40 and slapped it back in. Took it out again and saw that it had advanced 
to the original location of when I had taken it out. So even though it had 
seized it was at the correct tension and must have been at that position for 
a long time.
    Now to the real noise.. I'm thinking maybe it's either the overrunning 
clutch on the starter or the starter chain (if I'm looking at the manual 
correctly).  Is the clutch on the end of the starter shaft? - I've never had 
the right cover off.. any other thoughts? I'm not overly concerned but would 
like to know what it is.

 On another note we escaped another snow forecast again. Only about 1" this 
season - roads are icy though, so no riding today. Last weeekend the 
electric gloves crapped out in Rhode Island -  a little chilly riding back.. 
I found a broken wire when I got back. Also found a second issue, this 
wasn't the main problem but I think it's the reason I wasn't getting full 
power to the gloves before the break - the crimp on snap connectors that 
connect the arm wires to the jacket were loose. The male part consists of 3 
pieces and had to be crimped tighter. There was a burn mark on one of them 
from getting hot and therefore robbing the gloves of full voltage.. If you 
have Widders you should check the out.

   Pete Staniforth 

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