Chain tensioner redux and Widder eleectrics

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Sat Feb 3 15:01:41 PST 2007


We've now had 45 days straight of snow on the ground, I've still got 2 
feet in my front yard, this from 7 weeks in a row of snow.  The average 
temperature in January was 27 degrees (ok, warm by you guys standards) 
vs 40 average last year and it was the 8th coldest January on record.

We had three more snowy days last week which meant six more white 
knuckle drives to and from work.  I witnessed a three car pileup on 
Wednesday that happened right in front of me.  They were trying to avoid 
the Ford F-150 that had rolled right in front of them on the glass ice. 
  It was carrying a load of tile that probably helped cause the crash 
and went everywhere.

The good news is that it's 45 degrees today and there is no snow 
forecast for the next week so we might finally melt off some of this 
crap.  Maybe I can actually get my Christmas lights down soon, although 
the people with yard displays are looking at March before they can dig 
them out.  Simply amazing.

Charles S.

schnowz wrote:
> On another note we escaped another snow forecast again. Only about 1" 
> this season - roads are icy though, so no riding today. Last weeekend 
> the electric gloves crapped out in Rhode Island -  a little chilly 
> riding back.. I found a broken wire when I got back. Also found a second 
> issue, this wasn't the main problem but I think it's the reason I wasn't 
> getting full power to the gloves before the break - the crimp on snap 
> connectors that connect the arm wires to the jacket were loose. The male 
> part consists of 3 pieces and had to be crimped tighter. There was a 
> burn mark on one of them from getting hot and therefore robbing the 
> gloves of full voltage.. If you have Widders you should check the out.
>   Pete Staniforth
> .

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