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Now then.
This is obviously a subject near and dear to one and all men.  Whether a "steenkin'" camera purchase or Concours ZX14, it becomes a question of honesty.  Do we do what we really want to do, when we want to do it?  Or do we "play the game" and pretend to be interested in their opinion ("permission")...?
It's tough as hell to figure it out, since most of us will acknowledge that we'd rather "live with them, than without them", as that saying goes.  C'mon, even though many of us have had some really bad experiences with marriage(s), as far as I'm concerned, it's better when you've got one in your camp (and in the sack), than going solo forever.  I got my high mileage from the time period directly after being separated (on my way to the divorce), because at that time I was happy being alone.  I rode everywhere!  It's pretty much all I did when I wasn't working.  However, that novelty wore off after a while and them babes sure are alluring!  
Well enough of the obvious.  I'm just glad to add something to the List "chatter" during the slow time here and get some activity going.  Beats the hell out of an oil or tire thread!  ARRRRGH!
Ron Jordan
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SSSHHHH!!!  They'll hear you!!!  Uh, did your wife give you permission to write 
     "Consulting" is one thing, begging for permission is something 
Check your shorts and if something's hangin' there, YOUR THE MAN OF THE 
HOUSE! THAT'S YOUR STEENKIN' BADGE! The two questions I got asked most 
my accident was "Is your wife gonna let you ride again?" and "Is your 
gonna let you fix your motorcycle?". When I politely told them my wife 
really didn't have a say in either one, you should have seen the looks 
horror! I understood women asking me this stuff because they think 
the end all, but grown MEN were asking me this too! It was 
Women only rule the planet if we let them. Take back your manhood!!!!!! 
that Concours 14, make us proud!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve in Western NY
'96 GPZ1100
'02 Daytona 955i
"You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White


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