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David Beard davidebeard at
Thu Feb 22 10:26:40 PST 2007

Now, I don't claim to be an expert on women (as I'm sure one does not 
exist anymore than does the Easter Bunny or an honest politician), but I 
have learned a little trick that helps me when it comes time to buy 
myself a new toy. I've learned that women are less in tune with monetary 
value than they are with basic numbers. In other words, it doesn't 
matter how much you spend on them, but how often you spend on them. What 
I do is every once in awhile, I'll order something small for my wife for 
no reason. I won't tell her about it, and when the UPS package shows up 
with my name on it and she hands it to me, I say, "No, you open it. It's 
for you!" This works on three levels. First, she feels "appreciated" and 
has something to brag about to the girls at the office. "Oh my husband 
just bought this for me for no reason". The other girls ooohh and aaaaww 
and she thinks how lucky she is to have a husband that is always 
thinking about her. On another level, she is trained to look forward to 
that brown truck pulling into the driveway.  Mr. UPS is no longer the 
enemy, as there is always the chance that he might be bringing her a 
surprise. My wife even knows the UPS driver by name (which could become 
a problem at some point, but I keep my eye on her). And thirdly, when 
the UPS man brings me my latest gadget, she really doesn't feel right 
complaining about me spending money as she thinks to herself, if I 
complain, he may stop ordering goodies for me, too.

I've taken this theory one step further by frequenting websites like on a daily basis. When I run across some 
freebie that I think she might like, I order it. This way she has 
something coming every couple of weeks, and I don't have to spend any 
money. I can't say my plan is perfect, but so far it's been working. I 
even took the step of buying the little woman her own motorcycle last 
fall. I figure it's money well spent, and I have not had a single 
complaint about my spending habits since ;-)

Dave B

Art Lischer wrote:
> .....pass the popcorn, this is where the good part starts.....
> andy burkard wrote:
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>> as much as I admire Steve's stance - the question that
>> keeps running through my head is "i wonder how much
>> jewelry he's had to buy over the years?"...
>> andy b
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