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"I don't think so. Homey don't play dat."

Steve in Western NY
'96 GPZ1100
'02 Daytona 955i
"You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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Gees, no kiddin'!!!  You all know if your woman was lookin' over your
shoulder while writin', you'd omit 90 percent before sending.  Get over it
and get back to bike talk.

- Chris -

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Dave and crew,

Wow~! What cajones! While this is very, very good to hear, I am wondering
what will happen (a la the junkie) when/if the "tap" closes off?  Oh my.  I
m real glad to read how this works for you, but (!) we've all heard about
conditioning...  You know, the "Skinner box" from Psych 101?  The rats in
the maze.  Oh, never mind.  I'm not here to judge, especially if your plan
works.  They're a difficult species to figure out (our women).  Hopefully,
if they're "rational", you'll get your turn sooner or later.

Dang! No matter how I try to spin this, it still comes around to how you've
got to "be a good boy" first, and then the rewards come.  How do we define
being a "good boy"?  You tell me...  Mine is making me do what is good for
me/us first (paying down credit debt) and once it's low enough (I'm sure she
ll let me know when), I can order my much needed new bike.  Now fellas, I'm
not groveling here.  I can still hold my head up, knowing that there are
many other things in which she revels about me... Balance is key.  Ok, so I
m now the "expert" on women....LOL!!!!
  Hey!  Wasn't this place supposed to be about motorcycles?  GPz1100?  You
know it is.  Watch out for that brown truck now...!!!  LOL!! You don't want
to hear that back door slam when you come home...!

Ron J!
Grinning...and wishing I was riding.

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Now, I don't claim to be an expert on women (as I'm sure one does not exist
anymore than does the Easter Bunny or an honest politician), but I have
learned a little trick that helps me when it comes time to buy myself a new
toy. I've learned that women are less in tune with monetary value than they
are with basic numbers. In other words, it doesn't matter how much you spend
on them, but how often you spend on them. What I do is every once in awhile,
I'll order something small for my wife for no reason. I won't tell her about
it, and when the UPS package shows up with my name on it and she hands it to
me, I say, "No, you open it. It's for you!" This works on three levels.
First, she feels "appreciated" and has something to brag about to the girls
at the office. "Oh my husband just bought this for me for no reason". The
other girls ooohh and aaaaww and she thinks how lucky she is to have a
husband that is always thinking about her. On another level, she is trained
to look forw!
  ard to that brown truck pulling into the driveway. Mr. UPS is no longer
the enemy, as there is always the chance that he might be bringing her a
surprise. My wife even knows the UPS driver by name (which could become a
problem at some point, but I keep my eye on her). And thirdly, when the UPS
man brings me my latest gadget, she really doesn't feel right complaining
about me spending money as she thinks to herself, if I complain, he may stop
ordering goodies for me, too.

I've taken this theory one step further by frequenting websites like on a daily basis. When I run across some
freebie that I think she might like, I order it. This way she has something
coming every couple of weeks, and I don't have to spend any money. I can't
say my plan is perfect, but so far it's been working. I even took the step
of buying the little woman her own motorcycle last fall. I figure it's money
well spent, and I have not had a single complaint about my spending habits
since ;-)

Dave B

Art Lischer wrote:
> .....pass the popcorn, this is where the good part starts.....
> andy burkard wrote:
>> <snip>
>> as much as I admire Steve's stance - the question that
>> keeps running through my head is "i wonder how much
>> jewelry he's had to buy over the years?"...
>> andy b
>> --- Steve Northrop <blackgpz at> wrote:
>> >>
>> >

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