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J. Mason masonjs at
Sat Feb 24 07:19:55 PST 2007

> Jim,
>      I'm sure another would fit. That 650 Beemer not have enough guts for
> you?
Actually that Beemer had more than enough guts all 30 hp at 14,000 ft-- it
was me that running short, riding that semi paved cow path from Durango to
Ouray.  The parts that weren't paved --weren't there.   The rock face on one
side was no problem, we've got lots of  Canadian Shield sheer granite rock
cuts to kiss off of. but I'm kinda used to guard rails on the drop off side
and maybe being level with the tops of the trees.  I realize that the guard
rails are only going to stop the bike and the rider will be ejected into
space, but they still give me a sense of security.  I could see me heading
off the edge of an 8,000' chasm and having to take 4 deep breaths before
getting a colonoscopy by a Colorado spruce and becoming a seriously ugly
Christmas angel.
Still cold here at -15°C (+3°F) this morning.  We haven't had much snow here
so with a couple of days of warm weather the snow should be gone from the
cottage and I can get the GPz home.  I'd like to do the valves and the
steering head bearings before I head out anywhere.  I got my insurance bill
in the mail yesterday $889.00 for a year and that's with only 2nd party
liability.  We need to get a few USA insurance firms into Canada and get
some competition in this racket. I only pay $525.00 for a 2005 Tacoma 4x4
with full coverage and I can drive it 12 months of the year not 6.  Enough
ranting, gotta check on my bread.


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