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Rickard Olsson richie at
Wed Feb 21 22:34:07 PST 2007

mrgilmore at wrote:

> Hey Art and the rest of yew scurvy dogs...!


> alas, (in a whisper) WOMEN DO RULE THE PLANET!  There's no hell like 
 > a pissed offwoman, pissed because you didn't consult her on that
 > big ticket purchase, there matey!!!

Aye, I can attest to that. I'm still in the doghouse for getting a new 
camera, even though it's been almost two months ago and I have gone to 
great pains to prioritize pictures of the kids. Maybe those candid shots 
of her trying our her new skates wasn't the best idea I ever had, but it 
seemed like good, clean fun at the time. :-)

But hey, if we'd consult with them for everything we do, we'd still be 
spineless amoebas in the ocean, afraid to get the hell out.

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