ressurection advice

Jonathon Jay annihilator1100 at
Sat Feb 24 23:10:42 PST 2007

So, looking for a general consencus on some work I'm wanting done.

After a 7-8 year hiatus I'm gonna be puting her back on the road. 
Ultimatley, I'll be doing a bunch of fancy additions and such, but I'm 
mostly interested in doing just what it takes right here and now

It's got 5900 miles, and been on the centerstand in a garage. Think the 
tires need replacing?

I'm thinking of getting the carbs rebuilt and synched.

Also, getting the brakes bled out, oil changed, cooling system flushed.
What's the group opinion on replacing every rubber hose I can find?
Bearings, seals, etc?
Anything else I need? Better to suck up the charges at the stealership now 
for safety's sake rather than find out the hard way on the road.

Opinions greatly appreciated.



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