Chris H. chillywilly5280 at
Sun Feb 25 10:48:18 PST 2007

Oh, and if you mod the pipe and plan on getting it replated, do not  
test run the motor first. My plater anyway won't plate any used  
exhaust parts. Period.


On Feb 25, 2007, at 09:39 , Steve Northrop wrote:

> Anybody currently running the OEM saddlebags with a V&H SS2r  
> exhaust? I did a rough fit check with the CF can I have now and  
> they don't fit, but that's not the can that's supposed to be on  
> there for the GPZ. I have a new aluminum SS2r can that's supposed  
> to be on there. If I throw that on will the bags fit? Ultimately,  
> there needs to be a difference in the hanger for the two cans for  
> the bags to fit. Thought somebody might know before I do a lot of  
> digging around.

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