ressurection advice

Jonathon Jay annihilator1100 at
Sun Feb 25 17:08:33 PST 2007

So what are the best tires I can get?
Any leads on the stainless brake lines and speed bleeders?


Jonathon Jay

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Hi Jonathan!  So your GPZ has been sitting in a garage unmoved for 7 or 8 
years?  Was it prepared properly before being put up or was it just parked?

On the tires, I would definately replace them.  With 5900 miles, they are 
probably the original tires and would only have a few thousand miles left on 
them under the best circumstances but after that many years, I bet they are 
hard and dry.  I don't think you need to replace ALL the rubber hoses and 
such, but I think I would replace the brake lines with some new steel 
braided lines.  I mean, you are going to need to bleed them anyway, might as 
well replace them and install a set of Speed Bleeders.

After the tires and brakes are cared for, I think everything else just needs 
going over and inspected/cleaned/greased and perhaps replaced if necessary.

Perhaps someone more experience than me can comment on what used motor oil 
might look like inside a motor for that much time.  I've heard that the 
acids can etch the parts and I also wonder if any moisture could have gotten 
in there over that many years.

Good luck, send us some pictures of her once you get it back on the road.

Dave in Des Moines

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>So, looking for a general consencus on some work I'm wanting done.
>After a 7-8 year hiatus I'm gonna be puting her back on the road. 
>Ultimatley, I'll be doing a bunch of fancy additions and such, but I'm 
>mostly interested in doing just what it takes right here and now
>It's got 5900 miles, and been on the centerstand in a garage. Think the 
>tires need replacing?
>I'm thinking of getting the carbs rebuilt and synched.
>Also, getting the brakes bled out, oil changed, cooling system flushed.
>What's the group opinion on replacing every rubber hose I can find?
>Bearings, seals, etc?
>Anything else I need? Better to suck up the charges at the stealership now 
>for safety's sake rather than find out the hard way on the road.
>Opinions greatly appreciated.
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