Stephen Hampson shampson at
Mon Feb 26 11:07:40 PST 2007

Hi Guys not posted for a month or so. 


Can anyone confirm if the Genmar type risers from the ZZR1100D (zx) will fit
the GPZ they have different part numbers but they are also different heights
which may account for this.


I had look at fitting a zx9r hugger to the gpz whilst I had the rear of for
a tyre change. Without removing the undertray of the seat I don't think it
will fit, looks like it will foul on the undertray when the suspension
compresses. Although it would have been easy to fabricate the brackets, to
make it fit.


Finally on tyres or tires for the majority of you. I have just fitted Avon
Storm ST's, only done about 50miles but they feel great.




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