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Tue Feb 27 05:02:47 PST 2007

Quoting Chuck Driscoll <cdriscol2001 at>:

> Another point to address. Was the gas tank dry or was there   
> stabilizer in the fuel? If not you may have nicely varnished carbs.

I second that!
In resurrecting this 1983 Honda Shadow, the carbs were (and to a point  
still ARE) pretty gummed after sitting 6 years without stabilizer.
The fuel tank was also a serious mess.  If it wasn't completely, and I  
mean COMPLETELY topped off before storage, you could have a rusty mess  
in there to clean out.
Took me two afternoons to get the rust out and recoat the tanks (the  
Shadow has a separate reserve tank).

My advice would be to check the tank, have the carbs rebuilt and  
resynced, and replace any and all fuel lines and filters.  The inside  
of the fuel lines on the Shadow looked like they were hit with a wire  
brush!  And finding a 5/8" ID fuel rated hose to go between the main  
tank the reserve was quite a feat!

I also agree that replacing the tires is a must.  Even if they were  
brand new when it was put away, they will be slippery hockey pucks by  
now.  Yes, I was foolish riding the Shadow on old tires, but I was  
well aware of what I was doing, and had FULL gear on.  The bike didn't  
slide, but the back end felt a little squirrley.  Be safe and get new  

Also, when you do the brakes, I agree replacing the lines is good, but  
you might want to consider rebuliding the calipers as well.  I think  
one or more on the Shadow have seized up.  The front brake lever  
barely moves, and you have to squeeze like the devil to engage the  
brakes.  I've bled it twice now (the original fluid was BROWN) and it  
hasn't helped, so I'm going to totally tear the calipers and master  
cylinder down and see what's going on.

Can't think of much else besides oiling the chain, cleaning and oiling  
the airfilter, etc.  THe Shadow is the first resurrection project I've  
taken on, so I'm learning as I go.

It's fun though.  Hearing the old girl kick over after sitting alone  
for 6 years was VERY satisfying.  Now to get her back in perfect  
riding trim...

Michael in Holley, NY

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