GPZ resurrection

unknown waltk at
Mon Feb 26 14:30:05 PST 2007

I had one that was asleep for about 3 years, same approximate mileage. I did
replace all the hoses as I had the bodywork off to repair tip-over and lawn
tractor damage (actually part of the reason the previous owner sold it) The
lines were by Spiegler or Galfer (can't remember which). I also flushed out
the brake system, fresh Carbone Lorraine pads and wave rotors, Dunlop 205's,
rebuilt the carbs (o-rings, seals,jet kit etc...) cooling system
flush,upgraded rear shock (just got it, not installed yet) freshened the
front forks w/ new seals,upgraded springs etc (were leaking badly when I
bought it). If you really need to know the brake line mfg. I'll try to dig
out the receipt. Best of Luck!

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