Compatibility and SNIPPAGE

Stephen Hampson shampson at
Mon Feb 26 14:30:12 PST 2007

Strange you say that about the avons, over here they're considered to be a
good wet tyre. I'll post an update on the milage and performace of the tyres
sometime later.


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  Steve, let us know what mileage you get out of the Storm's. After I use up

some 205's sitting in the basement I'll be trying the Storm's. I really 
liked the Avon AV's the Storm replaced except for poor wet traction..

   Broken record to the list - can you guys take out a sharp pair of 
scissors and SNIP your replies. Its's almost impossible to read the digest 
because the same messages are repeated a gazillion times..
You wouldn't want me to do a reply from the Digest without snipping would 
ya.. (as a certain individual as done in the past to make a point)

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