Ebay mentality

Stephen Hampson shampson at beeb.net
Mon Feb 26 14:41:42 PST 2007

I to used to pay straight away but not no more, especially for high value
items. I got stung with Paypal before Christmas. I bought a mac laptop for
daughter on ebay. Paid 6 hours after the auction ended with paypal. Ten
minutes after the payment went through I get the fraudulent seller email
from paypal. I phone them immediately and they cant discuss the sellers
account with me. I say I just want to stop you allowing them to transfer the
fund. They say we have a stop on the account. Ten days later I get £105
compensation for a £385 transaction. Paypal say if the account gets more
funds in they'll send it to me. Some hope and no hope of seeing the cash
again. Then again whos to say paypal have'nt pocketed the difference, nice
little earner for them and they hide behind the consumer credit act and tell
you nothing at all.

Rant over, can you tell it still irks!!


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Can anyone explain why people snipe at the last possible second, then take
forever to pay?  Finally when payment is received, it is via paypal (usually
using a credit card)

Why not pay right at the end of the auction (like I always do).

Maybe I should wait the same number of days before shipping their product

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