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Julian Solomensky jsolo at solo-tek.com
Mon Feb 26 14:51:42 PST 2007

Hello Stephen,

I understand this, but consider this.  As a buyer, you also have recourse through your credit card company as well.

If on the other hand you paid using a paypal balance or funding from savings/checking acct, then you're pretty much SOL.

I would hope that on large ticket items, the buyers do at least read the seller's previous feedback as well as actually look what items it's for.

I'm sorry you got burned.  I learned years ago to never pay seller's I have no history with from paypal funds or checking/savings.  The plastic will go to bat for you if there's a problem.

For inexpensive items, I actually have it default to a personal account (which doesn't take credit cards), but if they buyer wishes to, they can manually send payment to another account that does accept credit - buyer's choice.

For larger ticket items, it defaults automatically to the premier account which accepts any kind of payment (albeit I get to pay paypal fees).  It's less hassle for the buyer and for me this way.  Anything over $200 automatically requires a signature (paypal says $250).

Ultimately, would you have still received a notice from paypal if you sat on the payment for a day, several days or a week?  Perhaps, perhaps you would still get it 10 minutes after making your payment.

I hope you're able to recover your full amount.  If not, and you didn't pay by credit card, perhaps there's some recourse with your bank.

Monday, February 26, 2007, 4:41:42 PM, you wrote:

> I to used to pay straight away but not no more, especially for high value
> items. I got stung with Paypal before Christmas. I bought a mac laptop for
> daughter on ebay. Paid 6 hours after the auction ended with paypal. Ten
> minutes after the payment went through I get the fraudulent seller email
> from paypal. I phone them immediately and they cant discuss the sellers
> account with me. I say I just want to stop you allowing them to transfer the
> fund. They say we have a stop on the account. Ten days later I get £105
> compensation for a £385 transaction. Paypal say if the account gets more
> funds in they'll send it to me. Some hope and no hope of seeing the cash
> again. Then again whos to say paypal have'nt pocketed the difference, nice
> little earner for them and they hide behind the consumer credit act and tell
> you nothing at all.

> Rant over, can you tell it still irks!!

> steve

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