Ebay mentality

Rickard Olsson richie at webhackande.se
Mon Feb 26 22:49:21 PST 2007

Julian Solomensky wrote:

> Why not pay right at the end of the auction (like I always do).

I have no idea. But I have noticed in my feedback that sellers often 
seem astonished to get the money immediately so it's probably a 
widespread thing. Maybe it's too easy to bid and too hard to get the 
dough from the pawn shop?

I'm guessing here, but I think it's very easy to get caught up in a 
bidding frenzy and buy shit for the fun of it, like it's a game.

I mentioned my new camera a while back. I got one lens with it in a kit. 
I now have six lenses (and one more on order), two sets of extensions 
rings, a teleconverter, two tripods and a metric shitload of filters, 
step rings and adapters plus a flash, a dedicated camera bag and an 
extra battery on order. Most of it from eBay. We call it LBA - Lens 
Buying Addiction / Lens Buyer's Anonymous. :-)

/ Richie

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