Ebay mentality

Larry Zoia phezanthawk at comcast.net
Tue Feb 27 09:36:46 PST 2007

> You know you have to tell us what you bought, don't you? :-D

> C'mon, tell us!

The way it works is you get up in the morning and check your email.  You get 
email from eBay:
Congratulations!  You won yadda-yadda-yadda.
Wtf.  You know it might be bad when you have to
open the email to find out what you've bought.

I live in the Detroit area.  I once woke up to find I had purchased a Honda 
V65 Sabre in Boston.  I bought a '95 GPZ from a listmember in Illinois (or 
Indiana), then sold it to a California listmember who flew in to pick it up 
and then rode it home.

I once won a treadmill in South Carolina.  I was going to NC to pick up a 
bike.  Since geography is my weak
academic suit, I reasoned that if the pickup in NC was near the southern 
border and if the treadmill was near the northern border of SC, it might be 
just around the block.


By the time I got to the treadmill, there were palm trees and I could hear 
the surf.

There's more......but you get the idea.

Larry in Michigan

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