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Tue Jan 2 06:06:02 PST 2007

I sent mine with html and didn't get anything back. Cool!

Don C French <Dondiego at> wrote:  So, is it working yet?


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Happy New Year gents!

It appears that over the holiday the folks at Micapeak have moved us to 
software actually updated in this century. One of the nice benefits of this 
software is that it will accomodate HTML messages so you no longer have to 
remember to send in "plain text". The software will strip off all the HTML 
tags and stuff and post the plain text for you rather than sending it back 
to you. As an example, I have sent this in the Outlook Express default of 
RichText (HTML) which would normally get bounced back to me.

Another thing that we can allow is message attachments. By default, this is 
shut off and the management at Micapeak recommends against turning it on, 
but it might be something we can experiment with. It would be nice to be 
able to post a picture or two every so often. I don't know what attachments 
would do to our DIGEST members.

The new software will also now archive all of our old messages for us so I 
will no longer need to maintain the separate archive at

Good stuff I think, and all the management is done over the web, so no more 
arcane mail message commands.

Dave in Des Moines 

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