VDR results/ hunting

blackbear at frontiernet.net blackbear at frontiernet.net
Tue Jan 2 06:55:58 PST 2007

Hmmm....no sounds here, but I DO have an old (21 year old) bolt-action  
.22 if I need it.  Though it hasn't been shot in probably 15 of those  
20 years (no safe place to fire it that I know of).

Of course, with all the swords, axes, knives, etc., any perp is going  
to have a REALLY bad day if they break in.  :)

Michael in Holley, NY

Quoting John Soliday <johnsoliday at msn.com>:

> I read a government report of some kind a few months ago that said that most
> "perps" when they just hear the sound of an 870 remington (or similar) being
> pumped, ....they run, run like hell.
> I'm a real believer in shotguns for self protection over the youthful "spray
> and pray" crowd with the semi-auto hands guns, etc.

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