Corbin Seat on Ebay & stock seat for sale on list.

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Fri Jan 5 07:23:36 PST 2007

Do you use regular shoe treatment like Mink Oil on the leather?  I would
think if you keep it out of the sun (which I park in a garage ) and soft
they should really hold up.


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> I'm thinking about buying the Corbin seat on ebay, seems like a pretty
> decent price for a new unit.  Anybody have any gripes about these 
> seats ?

John, no gripes from this Corbin owner.  Although, those who don't do
touring or regular commuting may find it uncomfortable.  Corbins are very
dense (hard), and built for day-long comfort.  Think of an old tractor seat
-- very uncomfortable at first, but built to sustain many hours of
continuous use.

> I'm sure if the padding isn't quite right I can ship it back for 
> adjustmentsthat will only cost many $$$$, right ;-).  

I learned the hard way to really protect your Corbin -- as the company
charges more to re-cover the seat than most used ones sell for.  So, I
recommend using the OEM seat for short trips or daily commuting, and switch
out to the Corbin only for long trips.  Protect it from the weather as well.



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