axle torque specs.

none spoone at
Mon Jan 8 16:04:29 PST 2007

So I was reading the final drive/wheel and tire sections of the shop 
manual (light reading, no?) and I came across the torque specs.  72 
lb-ft for the front, and 80 for the rear?!  Holy hell, Batman, no wonder 
the chain seems to need adjusting all the time...(

When I'd spoken to the local Kawi service shop (they should know, 
right?) I was told "around 50 lb-ft or so...that's about all you need".  
So I took'em at their word.

That ain't gonna happen again... to the tool shop (Whee!  Christmas again!! :-P ) for an 
appropriate torque wrench..and some new sockets..and a maybe even a'..(you get the idea, lol)

Ped, thanks so much for that download link...I burned the book to cd-rom 
and haven't looked back.  Excellent.


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