what a pain!

Jameson, George E. george.jameson at mirant.com
Thu Jan 11 09:43:40 PST 2007

This is very doable the real problems are that cylinder and head bolt
pattern and water jackets have some basic differences between the 1100
and the 1200, So mixing and matching of parts can be problematic when
mixing top and bottom ends. 


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The one thing I was concerned is whether the carbs would be spaced apart
the right amount for the gpz airbox, and whether they would be the right
height. There's always pods.

"Jameson, George E." <george.jameson at mirant.com> wrote: 

	There will be a few issues with cooling lines and the like. You
may have
	to go to pod filters unless you just get lucky on the airbox.
But the
	ZRXOA guys have swapped engines between the 1100 and 1200 many
times and
	a few have put gpz motors in their 1100's to get the more
aggressive gpz
	cam and the 6 speed plus the higher rev limiter. If you have an
	go to the website . I'm new there since I just bought my zrx,
but there
	are a lot of knowledgeable people there who could give you more
	information on the subject. I liked my gpz but just bought a
	blue 03 with 5000 miles, for 4200, so the gpz had to go, I
deliver after
	work tonight.
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	So the ZRX1200 motor is a straight swap? Don't have to worry
	moving anything over to it? Man, this sounds like the way to go,
if you
	ask me.
	Dave B
	Jameson, George E. wrote:
	> If you do decide to piece together a motor be sure to blow or
	> out all oil lines and the oil cooler. You wouldn't be the
first to 
	> trash the fresh motor with various pieces of the last one.
	> option are the ZRX's yes they are a 5 speed, but the fifth
gear ratio 
	> is identical to sixth in the gpz, and first is very close. The
	> with zzr cams and anybody's air box or pods and stage 3 jet
kit with a
	> pipe, will be around 140 hp at the rear wheel. That was always
	> backup plan. With the zrx cam horsepower is about the same but
with a
	> much stouter bottm end. No engine work required, just a
straight swap
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