Fandango '07

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Sat Jan 13 13:23:52 PST 2007

Hi Rob,

Assuming the snow and cold ever end, the dates are similar to what we 
have done the last three:

If you're arriving from the east, meet at my house Wednesday evening, 
June 20th.  I'm working on improving the sleeping accomodations at my 
house since I tortured Jim Mason when he came before.  We'll head down 
Thursday June 21st, ride the Telluride loop on the 22nd, ride Hwy 141 to 
Gateway and the car museum and maybe beyond, and back on Saturday the 
23rd, and back to Denver on Sunday the 24th.  As always, we'll ride the 
Rocky Mtn National Park loop on Monday for the hardcores who are still 

I'm still thinking about where we stay.  The hotel we stayed at 
previously has gotten a little too run down so I'm thinking possibly the 
Iron Horse Inn (used to be a Holiday Inn once) on the north side of 
town, or possibly staying in Silverton.  Silverton has very pretty 
scenery and we could walk anywhere which eliminates and drinking and 
riding issues.  My friends bar/hotel there has the nicest rooms in town, 
but he is too small for all of us.  There is also a 100 year old hotel 
(I forget the name) that is nice (and renovated) that I've stayed at 
before.  Bear in mind that Silverton is at 10,000ft so the nights aren't 
exactly warm even in June.  I'm totally open to hotel suggestions from 
those that have been to previous rally's.

Bring your padded seats and be ready to do some serious miles.  :-)

Charles S. - Fondling my new Muzzy exhaust as I write with frozen fingers

Rob Schwartz wrote:
> Hello there, Sir Charles!  How's things in the Great
> White West?  It's been pretty mild here mostly, just
> starting to see some colder temps, but the ground is
> brown...  
> So I'm thinking of joining the GPzCrew in CO this year
> if I can find a suitable 2up mount!  So what are the
> dates?
> Hope all's well with all y'all,
> Rob
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